General Strategy for the Refining Sector in Angola.
Currently, Angola depends almost entirely on the import of refined products, mainly gasoline and diesel, which are widely used in transport and in the growing industry. In this context, in order to eliminate this dependence, the Angolan government defined a strategy that allows national and foreign groups to invest in the oil refining industry in order to build new refineries.
As part of this strategy, investments are underway in the Luanda Refinery, which has a nominal refining capacity of 65,000 bopd, and at this stage some technical and operational improvements are taking place to increase the production of gasoline and diesel, in addition to improving the quality of these products.
Additionally, the Cabinda Refinery is projected to start operating in 2022, with a refining capacity of 60,000 bopd, while the Soyo Refinery is projected to start operation in 2025, having a production capacity of 100,000 bopd.

Purpose of the Tender

SONANGOL intends, through this international public tender, to select one or more Partners to, in partnership with SONANGOL, design, build, own and operate an oil refinery in the city of Lobito, province of Benguela, with the capacity to process up to 200.000 bopd to be installed in one or more phases.

Eligibility Criteria

Any investor can participate in this tender individually or in consortium with other companies/persons as long as they demonstrate good repute, legal status and unharmed reputation, which will be verified through a Due Diligence process.

To qualify for this tender, bidders must submit:

  1. Sufficient financial resources to cover all development and construction costs associated with the Project, or adequate capital to support its share of society.

  2. Technical and organizational capacity to plan, implement and manage the proposed refinery.

Bidding Instructions

  • Fill in the application form to participate in the tender (available from 9th July to 13th October 2021 on the website).
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • The candidate will receive, within 24 hours, an email with credentials and instructions for providing the terms of reference of the tender as well as all other related documents.
  • Submit the physical proposal in accordance with the instructions presented by October 14, 2021.
  • Candidates must be represented at the public opening of the proposals on October 15, 2021.
  • For more information, please contact via telephone +244 226 642797 or via email: