General information

The Angolan Government, through Sonangol, invites Qualified Organizations (hereinafter ‘Partners’), as defined in this document, to respond to the Investment Proposal Request to plan, build and, in partnership with SONANGOL, own and manage ( Build, Own, Operate – BOO) an oil refinery and related infrastructure (hereinafter ‘Projecto’) in the city of Lobito, in Benguela province, capable of refining up to 200,000 bopd (barrels of crude oil per day) to contribute to the effort that the Angolan State is carrying out for the gradual elimination of the current dependence on imports of refined products, mainly gasoline and diesel.

Encourage the creation of a new industrial hub in the region, with the development of a petrochemical and transformation industry.

Contribute to increasing the country’s refining capacity by building a refinery with the capacity to process between 100,000 to 200,000 bopd, through the contribution of private investment.


  • Localization
  • Relevant Locations
  • Improvements of the building site
  • Studies carried out

The Lobito Refinery will be built in a reserved location, with an estimated area of approximately 3,800 hectares, so the land reserved for this refinery is located approximately 35 km northwest of the city of Benguela and 8 km northwest of the city of Lobito.

As part of the execution of the refinery project, SONANGOL carried out, between 2009 and 2016, the implementation of several physical improvements to the site reserved for the refinery, which is summarized in the following works:

  •  Dredging of the bay of Lobito, with a total depth of 15m;
  • Total demining of the land reserved for the refinery;
  • Deep demining of the area dedicated to the implementation of the factory and reservoirs;
  • Land clearing;
  • Fence the 3,800 hectares;
  • Construction of access roads inside the refinery;
  • Construction of a road that supports super heavy loads to transport refinery equipment;
  • Construction of a maritime terminal capable of unloading superheavy equipment via roll-on-roll-off, as well as the docking and disembarkation of ships;
  • Preparation and leveling of terraces for the implementation of the refinery and oil and product reservoirs;
  • Construction of a road (12km) that diverts the public road that connects the city of Lobito to the commune of Hanha do Norte outside the refinery area;
  • Construction of a road and bridge that allows access to the lighthouse in Lobito Bay;
  • Base excavation of pools intended for the reserve of raw water for the refinery;
  • Opening and demining of the section (24km) for the implementation of the water collection and transport system from the Biopio dam to the refinery;
  • Construction of an information center for the project in Restinga;
  • Construction of two helipads within the refinery's perimeter

Likewise, within the scope of the implementation of the refinery project, SONANGOL carried out between 2009 and 2016 several studies:

  • Project economic and financial feasibility study
  • Project environmental impact study;
  • Topographic studies of the refinery area;
  • Geotechnical studies of the refinery area;
  • Bathymetric studies of the Lobito bay and the Biopio dam basin;